Cultivating next-level growth in the Blockchain industry

We are a tight-knit, multicultural family of passionate blockchain experts. Together, we are dedicated to building something bold and beautiful for every client we work with, defining success by our shared goals.

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Our values

A collective approach

Equinox is the sum of a talented and empowered collection of passionate professionals. No ranks, titles, or fixed roles: at Equinox, there’s equal opportunity for everyone.

Blockchain enthusiasts

As futurists, crypto enthusiasts, and all-round geeks, the Equinox team is passionate about ushering in the future of blockchain technology by being our clients’ biggest advocates and believers.

Trust through transparency

Communication avoids confusion, while ensuring continued alignment on shared goals. We believe in transparency and an open, continuous dialog with our clients, which is why they trust us and our process so deeply.

Raise the bar

The Equinox team is dedicated to delivering the highest-quality outcomes for our clients, our valued community, and for the industry. We work in a fast-paced environment, but we never cut corners or settle for less. Together, we constantly strive to raise the bar and challenge what is achievable.



Built on a solid foundation of passion, integrity and loyalty