A Web3 Ecosystem to Power the Metaverse

Equinox is a harmonious digital Ecosystem that adds value to products at every step of their development. From our Gaming Guild, Project Incubator, Marketplace and Launchpad underpinning the entire Ecosystem, our focus is on bringing creativity and opportunity to our community and clients in everything we do

Equinox Guild team background
Equinox Guild

Conquering the Metaverse

The Equinox Guild is a Web 3.0 Gaming Guild focused on improving and accelerating the adoption of blockchain gaming. Enjoying games is what gaming is about! That's why at Equinox, we prioritize fun, skill-based games and have gamified our Ecosystem, providing a true Web 3.0 experience. Through the use of our free Guild NFT, Guild members can interact with our Quest Board, collect XP, level up their Guild NFT, and earn rewards.

Equinox Guild team background
Equinox Guild

Launching the Future of Web3 Technology

An integral part of the Equinox Ecosystem, our revolutionary NFT-based platform offers a decentralized launchpad for frontier projects, while connecting our community with our clients. Our creative, educational approach allows investors early access to information, as well as extra opportunities to generate revenue through our staking and lending system.

Equinox Vernal NFTEquinox Autumnal NFTEquinox Winter NFTEquinox Summer NFT

Innovating the NFT Marketplace

Our Marketplace complements the Ecosystem by providing our community with a place to trade their Equinox assets. But unlike other marketplaces, it also facilitates NFT lending, borrowing, and staking while keeping revenue within the Ecosystem to the benefit of the community.

Equinox Team

Built on a solid foundation of passion, integrity and loyalty